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As part of the DFRLab's mission to build digital resilience worldwide, our global team of experts organize and administer trainings in a variety of our open-source intelligence gathering techniques. 

The DFRLab has hosted numerous trainings on open source methodologies and tools necessary to report on mis- and disinformation with civil society, activists, journalists, researchers, and students across Europe, Latin America, and sub-Saharan Africa. Realizing that the many forms of disinformation affect everyone differently, the DFRLab prioritizes regional nuance in all trainings.  

In 2019, the DFRLab published over 250 case studies on disinformation globally, trained over 1,000 individuals across dozens of countries.

In 2020, DFRLab adapted its training and capacity program to be facilitated online in a safe and trusted environment. 

Training at 360/OS London
Training in Riga
Participants at 360/OS
Training in Finland
Geolocation training
Training in Mexico City
Training in Khazakstan
Training in Tblisi

Interested in hosting a training with DFRlab’s experts for your organization? 



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